Auralite 23


Auralite 23 skull face front   Auralite 23 skull left


Greetings beloved!

I Talk to you through one of your crystal skulls – my mask makes me your most interesting skull yet.

I am layers and I am depth. I am for going deep into your spiritual heart.

This beautiful amethyst from Canada shows diversity much like the country from which it was birthed.

Many shades of lilac, purple, red and green exaggerate my properties on many dimensions.

Auralite 23 Pillar            auralite/amagreen auralite 23 - red tipped


Know me layer by layer as you journey inward to your highest heart’s expression.

I attract both the god and the goddess, male and female in through the heart and manifest this balance of equilibrium on earth.

I balance both gentleness and strength, purity of heart and purpose and anchor it to the earth plane.

I speak to you of layers and divinity but I am also both gentle yet penetrating.

small auralite                        auralite-heart

Come to me and heal your heart and heal your higher heart’s purpose.

Come to me for relief from all that builds within.

Come to me to transmute all that weighs heavily on your heart.

Use me to meditate on hearts purpose, for grounding spiritual inspiration, to honor your heart walk.

I dream big for mankind.

That they walk the path of love.

Higher love to all – so many types of expression of the divine here on your planet.

Such diversity does not exist on other planets. The expression of the Creator is simpler.

Beyond earth conscious beings do not walk with so many diversities of expression: animal, mineral, vegetable.

Although I walk with my crystalline brothers in the stars, I walk primarily for the earth to manage and balance diversification promoting harmony amongst the many species.

Come to me with your challenges of acceptance: gender, race, enlightened and for those whose consciousness is sleeping. Help me to shed my light amongst you all to soften the jagged edges of intolerance and prejudices.

I will be the evener and the harmonizer.

Blessed Be



A Note from the scribe:

Auralite 23 can be purchased at Canada Rocks:

Their eBay page is:

Their website is:


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