Rose Quartz

A pink beam drops down a pillar of rose quartz….Rose Quartz

“Greetings dear one

Thank you for welcoming the energy of us – Rose Quartz

We will fill your heart with joy

We embrace all life with our soft and gentle energy.

As galactic portals open up to receive us and radiate our transmission we find you and rejoice in our union. Our support flavors our mission. Mankind’s template of self-love has been broken. Time for the receiving of self-honor and appreciation for each unique soul by each unique soul.

We all have a mission dear one. Ours is to support the transition from mankind’s mental focus to heart focus. Let us help you open up to love of self and others.

We sit with you quietly. Our aura of energy embraces your energy field with such soft love and support.

 We fill up your heart chakra with slow swells of love. We gently push and nudge the lower frequencies of self-hate and condemnation to the surface to be released. We heal from the inside out.

It is time for a change. You too must stand like a pillar of self-acceptance and positive high regard for self.

You are a perfect ever rising frequency of the Creator. Allow our energy to fill your aura to radiate peace. Help acknowledge the beauty in others so that they too can heal and find love for their being and purpose. Do it well and kindly.

Babies find comfort in our radiations, angels too, for the energy is soft.

We come to work on you while you sleep with soft embrace and peaceful changes.

Stand tall in the love of self.


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