Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazili
Lapis Lazuli Spheres

“I am Lapis Lazuli.

My predominant color is deep blue. My best placement is the on the third eye. The white and gold accents raise the blue frequency to an even higher level.

As my energy descends into the third eye it begins to infuse this chakra with color. The deep blue gently pushes the third eye open. It becomes more receptive. The information coming to light will purifies in the higher frequencies of blue, white and gold.

With my help the third eye can be strong yet flexible based on the inquiries of the seeker. My blue color calms the brain waves through to the back of the third eye. The white attracts information that rolls in like a mist. The golden pyrite activates, enlivens and energizes the life force energy coming in on the blue ray.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

As a stone in your pocket, I provide a calm maturity and a sense of confidence. My energy acts as a shield that calms, reflects and purifies.

Please don’t ingest me as an elixir. I am not for the stomach area. My energy slows digestion.

I would also love to be a show piece in your home. Blue is the predominant color that will gently radiate off of me. Walking by me is like being misted with my lovely blue color ray.

Lapis Lazuli Show Piece
Lapis Lazuli Show Piece

My gold pyrite flecks come off me like soft laser beams that are seeking to anchor onto something close. Walking through these beams gently fortifies the auric field.

My white coloring radiates in a fan like waves. You can put your other crystals near me that need to be energized and activated.

I love to be of service in your home or office especially where people can walk by me. Take me with you everywhere you go and even to the higher planes of meditation.”





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