Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian

As Rainbow Obsidian, I throw soft colored rings out in layers.

I drop cloud like colors of energy circles around the body, either down from crown or up from feet or wherever I am placed.

Ideally place me above the head about 12” away and closely below feet. Allow the colored clouds to seek and penetrate where each color needs to settle.

Bands of blue and purple and green travel through your energy field feeding and balancing.

Holding me creates bracelets of light up the arms. My blue and green layers seek out the heart and throat chakras. Purples, violets, yellows and sometimes reds seek to help heal your chakras on the levels they are needed.

We carry the colors to your bones. The human bones need to be fortified.

We are relaxed, easy going and whimsical. Unlike Black Obsidian, we take the seriousness out of the deep, reflective penetration.

We are like multi vitamins to your soul – draw in the color you need.

I am not a 3rd eye stone, I am best for the lower chakras and the bands within.

A healing: 4 Rainbow Obsidian Skull beings send healing. They help to loosen and release an old shadow self into the light. Shell of the old self flies away, an old thought body, false beliefs.

Rainbow Obsidian Butterfly

We provides soft nurturing protection after a healing. Especially good for emotional release, we are comforting.

4 Rainbow Obsidian skulls hold hands around me and sing to me.

They have their own frequency of sound much like the light joyful singing of children.

Our vibration is more anchored than the rainbows in quartz. It is more solid.

If you call on us while falling sleep we will provide a soft blanketing of energy anchoring your body down while your spirit soars to explore the higher temples. This makes us a good bedroom stone.

Blessings and Light ~ WeAreCrystals


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