Chrysoprase (green)

Chrysoprase (green)
A great physical refresher. Its beautiful spring like color brings the energy of renewal. A great spring cleanser crystal. Carry Chrysoprase with you when spring cleaning to herald in a fresh and clean new living space. It will help you see what you truly want around you. It will help you clearing your mind of the false beliefs you have about unwanted items.
Chrysoprase is also a ‘truth stone’. It is a good crystal to heal the past conditioning that causes you to lie or to manipulate. It will help you find you own truth beyond cultural conditioning as well.
Chrysoprase clears the paths between the solar plexus and heart helping you see your relationship issues from a higher perspective.
As a meditation crystal, Chrysoprase acts as a support to your nervous system when connecting to beings on a higher plane like Angels or Ascended Masters leaving your body less tired after.


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