Crystal Properties by Color

Rays of color flow through our crystal friends guiding their properties into a theme of influence or healing. It’s not always easy to remember each crystal’s unique attributes. If you can remember how certain color energies work through crystals then you will have a good foundation on how to use them for healing or where to place them in your home.

Black, Brown, Grey/Silver: These crystals are the most connected to the physical/earthly plane. They can help you ground yourself especially after healing work, meditation or just running around doing errands. These crystals are protective and can help you clear negative energy. They correspond with the chakras in knees, feet and earth star below you.

Red: If you need stimulation or some revitalization red crystals are for you. Red is and activating and strengthening color but can exhaust you if used constantly. Best to use a red crystal for shorter term work and not if you are feeling very emotional. Place red crystals in rooms where you want to increase output like a work out room or have them help you with a particular project. Red stimulates creativity too so have red crystals help you with your crafts and hobbies. Red crystals help to support the root chakra and your adrenals.

Orange: Orange is the color associated with the sacral chakra. Orange crystals boost the creative side of our nature from great works of art to basic reproduction. It is a good color to encourage abundance and increase. Orange crystals are stimulating and activating. They are not as intense as red crystals so they can be used closely for longer periods of time.

Yellow/Gold: Yellow stimulates both social interaction and mental activity. Yellow crystals awaken your mind and your ability to study and learn. Great to help you organize your thoughts and your surroundings. Connected with the solar plexus chakra, yellow crystals help encourage self-esteem and will power. They are good crystals to have in an office or study environment.

Pink: Crystals in the gentle color of pink can be used over a long period of time. Working on the more personal heart level they encourage unconditional love, comfort and nurturing. Pink crystals are emotionally calming. They can help you release grief and help you heal your emotional heart. They encourage love of self and others. These crystals are great for bedrooms.

Green: Green crystals are connected with nature energies. Like the natural world they are calming, balancing and healing. Connected with the heart chakra they support a more humanitarian form of love. In Feng Shui green attracts money and is a good crystal color to attract more financial abundance.

Blue: Blue is cooling and calming color. It promotes relaxation and serenity. Lighter blues connect best with the throat chakra and darker blues with the third eye. Light blue crystals support communication and self-expression through speaking and writing. Darker blue/indigo crystals work on a more spiritual level promoting intuition and clear communication from the realms of spirit. They are great for writing, meditation and channeling.

Purple: Purple connects you to your spiritual side of life. Purple crystals promote spiritual alignment and awakening. Whether you are working with the softer feminine energies of lilac or the meditative and protective energies of deep purple your crown chakra will be stimulated and you will be open to higher frequencies.

White/Clear: White and clear crystals cleanse and focus the energy around you. They can help sharpen your intentions, open up your intuition and link you to higher realms. These crystals are connected to the higher chakras above the crown chakra such as your Higher Self or Soul Star.



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