Having a Baby? Top 10 Crystals to help you on this special journey.

Amber: absorbs pain during childbirth.

Carnelian: overall supporter of female reproductive organs. Use medical tape and tape over abdomen.

Jade: assists in childbirth.

Jasper: known as the supreme nurturer, very supportive during times of stress, helps you feel more peaceful.

Lapis Lazuli: helps to alleviate pain, also very good crystal for psychic protection during birth for you and the baby.

Malachite: has a strong drawing type of energy therefore facilitates childbirth, known as ‘the midwife stone’ stone it resonates well with the female reproductive organs.

Moonstone: the stone of ‘new beginnings’, helps support the reproductive system, excellent for childbirth and breastfeeding.

Moss Agate: known as a birthing crystal, it lessens pain and ensures a good delivery, helps midwives, another stone of new beginnings.

Peridot: known to strengthen muscle contractions while lessening the pain of childbirth, place on your belly when going into labor.

Unakite: good for a healthy pregnancy, helps reproductive tissues recover after giving birth, tape to belly.

Enjoy your journey!

Stay tuned for the best crystals to have in your baby’s bedroom.


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