High Frequency Crystals – 2

This is the second of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Some are easier to attain than others. These crystals are easy to find in stores or at mineral shows. Spending meditative time with these crystals will help you break free from the past and accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Apophyllite: Calms your mind down and brings clarity. Opens you to the wisdom of your Higher Self. Place on your third eye to encourage high frequency visions. Facilitates accessing your Akashic records when in meditation therefore is helpful in healing karma.
Elestial Quartz: Will protect you from and transmute any negative energy that may be around you. Another good crystal for healing your ancestral line. Elestials can help you to go to the first cellular imprint lifetimes ago, heal and reprogram it. This in turn empowers your future lives and the lives of your family members. Elestial quartz is very nurturing. It helps you to stabilize energy shifts as you grow into a higher rate of vibration. It supports your multidimensional explorations.
Danburite: Heal your heart with this gentle emotionally detoxing crystal. It helps you transform on a karmic level so you can break free from the past. You will be open and clear to connect with the unconditional love and complete compassion of the Higher Dimensions. Facilitates connecting to Higher Self and Angelic Guidance.


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