High Frequency Crystals – 4

This is the fourth of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Lemurian Quartz: Great for karmic and chakra cleansing, opening new channels of awareness and remembering your spiritual self. Lemurian Quartz can assist in making angelic contact and opening energy portholes. Believed to be infused with the wisdom of the Lemurian race, place a finger on one of its “ledges” and receive information. Each ledge or indent on the side is like a different channel to receive wisdom from.
Azeztulite works on a spiritual level lifting chakra receptions to higher realities. Great for expanding your consciousness and accelerating enlightenment. Azeztulite draws higher frequencies down to the earth plane for an uplifting transformation of the earth and its inhabitants.
Petalite gently aligns your awareness to your higher chakras and the immensity of your soul. Place it on your third eye and feel it tingle and begin to open. Petalite is an excellent partner in vision quests and shamanic journeying. It also provides excellent support in healing issues throughout your ancestral lineage.


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