High Frequency Crystals – 5

This is the fifth of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. This series started with the more common ones and worked towards those that are harder to attain. Search for them online or at the gem and mineral shows. Tucson’s annual Gem and Mineral show will have a great variety. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Embrace the journey.
Brandenburg: will help you connect to your original perfect blue print. It is great for interdimensional work as it helps you access higher chakras. It works powerfully and provides clarity. Known as a Master Healer it is one of the most versatile multidimensional healing crystals. The Brandenburg frequency pushes out thought forms and karmic imprints that no longer serve you. Supports you in living your present life’s soul purpose. Brandenburg crystals highlight “the gift in the experience” and help you to see the perfection in the present moment.
Tanzanite: helps you balance living with a compassionate heart and an enlightened mind. A powerful transmutation crystal, it is great for multidimensional, cellular and karmic healing. Learn your true vocation using Tanzanite to access your Akashic records. Ease into its use as it generates rapid psychic download and may be too much for very sensitive people. Support your work with Tanzanite by keeping some Smokey Quartz or Hematite by your feet.
Phenacite: lifts your vibration to a higher level. This crystal purifies and raises your consciousness to a higher frequency. Its presence draws down cosmic information to the earth to enlighten. Working with Phenacite prepares the subtle bodies for Light Body activation and integration and facilitates Ascended Master and Angelic contact.


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