The Full Moon

Once a month the night sky is lit up with the bright full moon. The full moon time is a 6 day process. We begin to feel the pressure of the moon opposing the sun 3 days prior and 3 days after the exact full moon time. When the moon’s magnetism and light reach its maximum pull on the earth it raising her tides. It pulls on our ‘tides’ (emotions) as well.
Since the moon sign is opposite the sun’s sign during a full moon we feel the pull of opposing forces. This opposition of the sun/moon influence calls for balance. Some moons are more potent than others. When the full moon occurs in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) emotional tensions can be higher as it is calling for the breakdown of old false beliefs and long standing patterns.
The light of the moon calls for illumination. A light will be on: the specific degree of the sign it is in and its opposition and their strengths and shadows, what needs to be released or integrated to realize our dreams, unforeseen problems, what we have suppressed in our subconscious, what has been lying dormant and won’t be denied any more. It will highlight where you are and where you need to be going in life and your healing journey. It is a powerful time where that which has been hidden becomes visible and volatile.
Crystals to charge in the full moon: Selenite, Celestite and of course, Moonstone


High Frequency Crystals – 5

This is the fifth of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. This series started with the more common ones and worked towards those that are harder to attain. Search for them online or at the gem and mineral shows. Tucson’s annual Gem and Mineral show will have a great variety. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Embrace the journey.
Brandenburg: will help you connect to your original perfect blue print. It is great for interdimensional work as it helps you access higher chakras. It works powerfully and provides clarity. Known as a Master Healer it is one of the most versatile multidimensional healing crystals. The Brandenburg frequency pushes out thought forms and karmic imprints that no longer serve you. Supports you in living your present life’s soul purpose. Brandenburg crystals highlight “the gift in the experience” and help you to see the perfection in the present moment.
Tanzanite: helps you balance living with a compassionate heart and an enlightened mind. A powerful transmutation crystal, it is great for multidimensional, cellular and karmic healing. Learn your true vocation using Tanzanite to access your Akashic records. Ease into its use as it generates rapid psychic download and may be too much for very sensitive people. Support your work with Tanzanite by keeping some Smokey Quartz or Hematite by your feet.
Phenacite: lifts your vibration to a higher level. This crystal purifies and raises your consciousness to a higher frequency. Its presence draws down cosmic information to the earth to enlighten. Working with Phenacite prepares the subtle bodies for Light Body activation and integration and facilitates Ascended Master and Angelic contact.

High Frequency Crystals – 4

This is the fourth of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Lemurian Quartz: Great for karmic and chakra cleansing, opening new channels of awareness and remembering your spiritual self. Lemurian Quartz can assist in making angelic contact and opening energy portholes. Believed to be infused with the wisdom of the Lemurian race, place a finger on one of its “ledges” and receive information. Each ledge or indent on the side is like a different channel to receive wisdom from.
Azeztulite works on a spiritual level lifting chakra receptions to higher realities. Great for expanding your consciousness and accelerating enlightenment. Azeztulite draws higher frequencies down to the earth plane for an uplifting transformation of the earth and its inhabitants.
Petalite gently aligns your awareness to your higher chakras and the immensity of your soul. Place it on your third eye and feel it tingle and begin to open. Petalite is an excellent partner in vision quests and shamanic journeying. It also provides excellent support in healing issues throughout your ancestral lineage.

High Frequency Crystals – 3

This is the third of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Some are easier to attain than others. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy your journey.
Herkimer Diamonds can help you break old patterns and retrieve lost soul fragments (parts of yourself you are cut off from) . On a physical level Herkimers help to stimulate nerve pathways to more easily reconnect to your body of light. Herkimers reset your cells to a higher frequency. Place on third eye to facilitate intuitive visions. They enhance telepathy and connect to your highest source of soul guidance.
Spirit Quartz heals on many dimensions. Spirit Quartz can help reprogram cellular memory (unconscious physical responses). Due to its many points it radiates healing energy in many directions. Spirit Quartz is good for family or group healing and opening you up to spiritual abundance. The angel of Spirit Quartz guides the soul in regions beyond death making it a good crystal for those about to cross over.
Moldavite (pure, not manufactured) accelerates spiritual growth. It helps to align all your chakras so they are working well together. It also helps to integrate your divine blue print (the plan for your best self). Moldavite opens you up to communications from your Higher Self and receive information from cosmic messengers enabling you to receive more enlightened information.

High Frequency Crystals – 2

This is the second of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Some are easier to attain than others. These crystals are easy to find in stores or at mineral shows. Spending meditative time with these crystals will help you break free from the past and accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Apophyllite: Calms your mind down and brings clarity. Opens you to the wisdom of your Higher Self. Place on your third eye to encourage high frequency visions. Facilitates accessing your Akashic records when in meditation therefore is helpful in healing karma.
Elestial Quartz: Will protect you from and transmute any negative energy that may be around you. Another good crystal for healing your ancestral line. Elestials can help you to go to the first cellular imprint lifetimes ago, heal and reprogram it. This in turn empowers your future lives and the lives of your family members. Elestial quartz is very nurturing. It helps you to stabilize energy shifts as you grow into a higher rate of vibration. It supports your multidimensional explorations.
Danburite: Heal your heart with this gentle emotionally detoxing crystal. It helps you transform on a karmic level so you can break free from the past. You will be open and clear to connect with the unconditional love and complete compassion of the Higher Dimensions. Facilitates connecting to Higher Self and Angelic Guidance.

High Frequency Crystals 1 – Entry Level

High Frequency Crystals – Entry Level
This is the first of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Some are easier to attain than others so this series will start with the more common ones and working towards those that are harder to attain. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Moonstone (blue in color): The best crystal start your higher spiritual journey with. Prepares the physical body to incorporate the light body. Awakens spiritual potential. Helps you stretch you reach to higher levels of consciousness. Work with moonstone until you feel ready to embark on your journey to the next levels.
Celestite: An excellent introductory crystal to start spiritual enlightenment. It is gentle and peaceful creating a safe space to connect with your Higher Self. Celestite eases you in to accessing higher dimensions and light beings.
Selenite: Emits a peaceful vibration. In this peace one can transmute emotional energy more easily, access angelic consciousness and be open to the inward flow of your light body. Selenite brings Divine Light into whatever it comes in contact with. A good crystal to have around to create an energetic space for higher work.

Crystals and the 12 Colors Frequencies from the Creator

The Creator pours 12 color frequencies down from the higher dimensions for us to harness. You can see them radiate through crystals and the colors they project. Use these color frequencies in crystals with intention. You will be working on a higher vibrational level than just the crystal’s metaphysical properties. You can place the crystals in grids, meditate with them or put them on or by a written affirmation. They will help you attract what you are working on. Connect with them daily and visualize the highest end result for the good of all and you’ll be on your way.
If you:
Want to align yourself with God’s will, work with dark blue crystals.
Seek enlightenment or wisdom, work with yellow crystals.
Try to be more tolerant and loving, use light or soft pink crystals
Work on ascension or purifying yourself on an environment, use white crystals
If you have things that need healing, greater truth or more focus, use an emerald green colored crystal to help you.
If you are attracting divine peace or working with devotions, deep red crystals (especially tinged with gold) will help you.
Attracted to violet colored crystals? They will help you feel more free, transmute negativity and being more compassionate.
Need clarity or discernment, work with aquamarine colored crystals.
Need more harmony, balance, assurance or confidence, spend time you’re your magenta colored crystals.
Feel the need for more prosperity and abundance, gold colored crystal will help you attract it.
Peach colored crystals will help you attract your divine purpose, enthusiasm and joy.
Opal colored crystals, opals and opal colors in shells will help whatever needs transformation in your life.

Enjoy the Higher Work!