High Frequency Crystals – 2

This is the second of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Some are easier to attain than others. These crystals are easy to find in stores or at mineral shows. Spending meditative time with these crystals will help you break free from the past and accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Apophyllite: Calms your mind down and brings clarity. Opens you to the wisdom of your Higher Self. Place on your third eye to encourage high frequency visions. Facilitates accessing your Akashic records when in meditation therefore is helpful in healing karma.
Elestial Quartz: Will protect you from and transmute any negative energy that may be around you. Another good crystal for healing your ancestral line. Elestials can help you to go to the first cellular imprint lifetimes ago, heal and reprogram it. This in turn empowers your future lives and the lives of your family members. Elestial quartz is very nurturing. It helps you to stabilize energy shifts as you grow into a higher rate of vibration. It supports your multidimensional explorations.
Danburite: Heal your heart with this gentle emotionally detoxing crystal. It helps you transform on a karmic level so you can break free from the past. You will be open and clear to connect with the unconditional love and complete compassion of the Higher Dimensions. Facilitates connecting to Higher Self and Angelic Guidance.


High Frequency Crystals 1 – Entry Level

High Frequency Crystals – Entry Level
This is the first of a five part series presenting a variety of high frequency crystals for you to explore. Some are easier to attain than others so this series will start with the more common ones and working towards those that are harder to attain. Spending meditative time with these crystals will accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey.
Moonstone (blue in color): The best crystal start your higher spiritual journey with. Prepares the physical body to incorporate the light body. Awakens spiritual potential. Helps you stretch you reach to higher levels of consciousness. Work with moonstone until you feel ready to embark on your journey to the next levels.
Celestite: An excellent introductory crystal to start spiritual enlightenment. It is gentle and peaceful creating a safe space to connect with your Higher Self. Celestite eases you in to accessing higher dimensions and light beings.
Selenite: Emits a peaceful vibration. In this peace one can transmute emotional energy more easily, access angelic consciousness and be open to the inward flow of your light body. Selenite brings Divine Light into whatever it comes in contact with. A good crystal to have around to create an energetic space for higher work.

Crystals and the 12 Colors Frequencies from the Creator

The Creator pours 12 color frequencies down from the higher dimensions for us to harness. You can see them radiate through crystals and the colors they project. Use these color frequencies in crystals with intention. You will be working on a higher vibrational level than just the crystal’s metaphysical properties. You can place the crystals in grids, meditate with them or put them on or by a written affirmation. They will help you attract what you are working on. Connect with them daily and visualize the highest end result for the good of all and you’ll be on your way.
If you:
Want to align yourself with God’s will, work with dark blue crystals.
Seek enlightenment or wisdom, work with yellow crystals.
Try to be more tolerant and loving, use light or soft pink crystals
Work on ascension or purifying yourself on an environment, use white crystals
If you have things that need healing, greater truth or more focus, use an emerald green colored crystal to help you.
If you are attracting divine peace or working with devotions, deep red crystals (especially tinged with gold) will help you.
Attracted to violet colored crystals? They will help you feel more free, transmute negativity and being more compassionate.
Need clarity or discernment, work with aquamarine colored crystals.
Need more harmony, balance, assurance or confidence, spend time you’re your magenta colored crystals.
Feel the need for more prosperity and abundance, gold colored crystal will help you attract it.
Peach colored crystals will help you attract your divine purpose, enthusiasm and joy.
Opal colored crystals, opals and opal colors in shells will help whatever needs transformation in your life.

Enjoy the Higher Work!

Crystals for Protection

There are many negative influences in our daily life or environment. They can be diverted away from us with the help of our crystal friends.

If you need protection from:

Electromagnetic influences from cell phones, computers, TVs, air conditioners etc: neutralize these influences with Black Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Fluorite, Amazonite, Lepidolite or Shungite. Place them in front of your TV, computer, air conditioner or tape a tiny piece to your cell phone.

General negative energy: Turquoise or Malachite – clear often.

Geopathic stress and other earthly energy drains: Smokey Quartz place under your bed, couch desk or by your feet where you spend a lot of time.

Intrusive or disruptive energies: Rose Quartz will replace those energies with calm loving ones.

Need to create a safe, peaceful, sacred space: Selenite towers or lamps are attractive additions to any room or place a small piece in each corner.

Other people’s thoughts and feelings: Labradorite will help you separate and remain objective. Nice on a desk or work space or as a necklace.

People that do not wish you well: black tourmaline will protect you from this energy by wearing it or carrying with you.

Protect your energy field: Amber or Bloodstone will deflect lower frequencies if you wear them or carry them with you.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is such a high frequency crystal that it never needs to be energetically cleansed. Blue Kyanite draws light into whatever it is in contact with. Wearing it or working with it will help you draw more light into your physical body. It will clear meridians, align chakras and give your life force a boost.
Blue Kyanite helps your mind by clearing confusion and helping you think more logically. It encourages your mind to reach for clear thoughts coming from higher frequencies. Kyanite also has a calming effect on the mind and slows down runaway thinking.
This is one of the most powerful throat chakra crystals. It makes for an attractive and powerful necklace. Blue Kyanite encourages speaking truth, expressing yourself and overall communication. An excellent stone for anyone who has to speak publically. Its supports talking during the event and helps your throat and voice box heal after. It is also a good partner in manifesting through thoughts, words and supports positive affirmations.

The Best Crystals to Have in a Baby’s Bedroom

Celestite: gently radiates a peaceful energy and encourages angelic contact and protection.

Charoite: ensures a deep sleep

Moonstone: always good for insomnia, prevents sleep walking

Rose Quartz: peaceful, calming and reassuring energy

Selenite (white or peach): has a quieting energy, calming and peaceful. Create a ‘peace grid’ by placing selenite in all four corners of a room.

Having a Baby? Top 10 Crystals to help you on this special journey.

Amber: absorbs pain during childbirth.

Carnelian: overall supporter of female reproductive organs. Use medical tape and tape over abdomen.

Jade: assists in childbirth.

Jasper: known as the supreme nurturer, very supportive during times of stress, helps you feel more peaceful.

Lapis Lazuli: helps to alleviate pain, also very good crystal for psychic protection during birth for you and the baby.

Malachite: has a strong drawing type of energy therefore facilitates childbirth, known as ‘the midwife stone’ stone it resonates well with the female reproductive organs.

Moonstone: the stone of ‘new beginnings’, helps support the reproductive system, excellent for childbirth and breastfeeding.

Moss Agate: known as a birthing crystal, it lessens pain and ensures a good delivery, helps midwives, another stone of new beginnings.

Peridot: known to strengthen muscle contractions while lessening the pain of childbirth, place on your belly when going into labor.

Unakite: good for a healthy pregnancy, helps reproductive tissues recover after giving birth, tape to belly.

Enjoy your journey!

Stay tuned for the best crystals to have in your baby’s bedroom.