The great crystal stands before me radiating much light and energy pulses….

Clear Quartz Pillar
Clear Quartz Pillar

“Light travels through the color and structure of the crystal being.

The Crystalline energy is awakened to your intent.

Harness us, we have so much to offer you.

I speak for all crystals – we, as towers of light are here to help and support humanity as they return to light and at-one-ness with the Source.

We are here to anchor the light and direct it to your surroundings infusing them with light and uplifting your energy field.

We are radiant and flow a unique energy or frequency based on our uniqueness and our shape and color.

We are all birthed of mother earth. Here to push up and help you heal just as a mother or supportive friend would.

We pour into the energy field of your home or workspace and your aura helping you realize your truth and manifest your highest and best into the world. We are here for You – use us – place us where we can shine and support and heal.

Our crystal family tree is large. Each type a unique gift to the world/humanity and all that is a part of her.”