Rocks, Crystals, Minerals: Collection? Clutter? or Just Plain Hoarding?

Rocks, Crystals and Minerals: Collection? Clutter? or Just Plain Hoarding?

Written for an Arizona Gem and Mineral Club Newsletter

True confession, I have crystals in my medicine cabinet. These are remnants of a crystal collection that got out of control. I never realized how fast this could happen until my husband and I got together. Access to a wholesaler, buying out a few collections including one from 45 years of rock hounding- and being very lucky with club raffles boosted our combined collection exponentially. Our display shelves were three-to-four deep with specimens, our living room floor was half covered with minerals, and thousands of ‘rocks to be processed’ had to be moved not once, but two times, when they installed the sewage pipe. My husband and I lean towards having different tastes in rock collecting. He likes the raw stuff and really nice specimens, one of each. I lean towards any kind of quartz – preferably the big fat points, and have a soft spot for slightly dinged pieces that need a home. Things got to a point where we couldn’t see the ‘trees for the forest’ to reverse a famous old saying.

Being trained in Feng Shui and Professional Organizing I just couldn’t take the volume and the amount piled in the living room- as it was blocking the flow of energy and crowding the view. We mutually decided to have “THE BIG CLEAR OUT”. Taking some time to reflect on what we wanted from this collection, we brainstormed some solutions to this growing problem.

What constitutes a collection is relative to the collector. To some people you may have too many rocks and to others not enough. (Ok… we’re all rock hounds and there’s never too many…..) But if your rocks, minerals or crystals are tripping up your flow, or perhaps causing a bit of marital tension, you need to decide if you have a collection or clutter or are just plain hoarding them.

So what is a ‘collection’? A collection is a group of ten or more similar items. In this hobby it is rocks, gems, crystals, and/or minerals. These items are loved and admired. They are on display to be enjoyed and shown off. Ours are on wooden shelves. When people ask me what I do with my crystals, my reply is ‘I dust them!”- said with a foolish grin on my face, and eliciting a knowing smile from many women. We have seen them in china cabinets, curio cabinets, under a glass topped table, and in a room full of lit up display cases – all labeled. Who needs a dining room anyway? These are collections.

Clutter takes up space you need, and is underfoot. It’s in your way, piled in such a way here and there that it makes no sense, is too many items for the space available, and blocks enjoyment of your collection. It is not used, loved, admired or worked with. Clutter takes up garage space, basement storage, is often found in moldy/mildewing flats of collapsing cardboard- or collecting cobwebs in some abandoned corner. It has been around for years- because, hey, you’re bound to get to it someday. ‘Someday’ I’ll buy a cabinet and display this stuff, it’ll be worth lots ‘someday’, I’ll work with it ‘someday’, I just need some saws (have you been saying this for 10 years now?). Rock clutter is heavy clutter- and as you age it just gets heavier and harder to deal with. If it is sentimental – it is heavy sentiment of the good ol days….

Hoarding is a more serious issue. Rocks are amassed for many reasons: to build a protective wall around yourself, holding onto them because you are afraid they won’t go to a good home, representing monetary value or expertise- or just greed. These are deeper psychological issues, but worth considering if you feel things have gotten out of hand.

So if the rocks are taking over your place it’s probably time to do a little ‘prioritizing’. Before you start attacking the piles and starting throwing them around (no glass houses please), the most important thing to do is to take a deep breath, sit down and ask yourself ‘what do I want from the experience of having a rock/crystal/mineral collection?’
Greg and I discussed this and came up with the following: to have a variety of nice specimens to show people, an aesthetically pleasing environment, energetic support and a bunch of little friends all around us that we don’t have to walk, feed or water.

Once you’ve decided what you want from your collection it’s important to evaluate how much space you have that can be allotted to this hobby. You can only fit 10 feet of crystals into 10 feet of space. You can only move what you can lift. How many rocks can you display? This is your amount. This number goes up with smaller pieces and down with the larger ones. As far as I’m concerned, have as many as what makes you happy- and that you can display nicely (just don’t call me on dusting day). So be it 10, 20, 100 or 1,000- this is your collection.

So as you begin thinning out ask yourself the following questions for each piece:
Do I use it? Does it/will it have a purpose in the near future? Will I be displaying it? Will I use it as a healing tool?
Do I love it? Does it make me happy??
Is this my best specimen? Do I want to show it off to others?
Does it support what I want from this type of collection?
For those that want to work with rough specimens: Do I have a place to cut and polish it? Do I have the saws, the space, or plans to work on them somewhere? Do I have a plan?

So now that you’re clear on what stays or goes, what is the next step?

The rocks you are keeping for processing can be organized into small to medium plastic bins, and placed on sturdy shelving. We opted for metal racks on wheels and found them at Sam’s Club. I’m not a fan of cardboard, as is gets softer and mustier with age. Label your bins with the date and give yourself a time limit, for example one or two years. If you haven’t processed them in this time, will you ever? Unlikely. Unless you are close to having the time (retirement) it is best to set ‘em free for others to work with and enjoy. Rough specimens can also be stored in rock gardens, lining walls and gardens. Shade is better for amethyst and rose quartz, as the sun will lighten these minerals over time.

Surplus specimens can be turned into a medicine wheel or contribute to some other yard art.
You can gift the extras to a friend or a customer, add to a child’s rock collection, sell ‘em, swap ‘em, donate them to clubs or classes- or simply return them to earth for someone else to find.
If you are stuck on sentiment but don’t have the space, take some pictures of your minerals and frame them with the rock hounding buddy you found them with and place it on the wall or in an album. If your collection is quite extensive and you just don’t have the space to do it justice, you could store half of it and switch out every 6 months. It will be like having a fresh new collection twice a year.

Managing inflow is very important. Please go enjoy rock hounding, but process what you bring home. Buy that special piece that calls your name. The key is the one in one out rule. For every piece that comes in one should go out- at least then you’ll be at a manageable level. So dust off your collections, oil up those saws, get those unused pieces out into circulation – you’ll be happy with the added space to attract new pieces, inspire creative projects, and you will thank me should you ever have to move.

Another confession: in my weaker moments ‘one piece out’ usually finds itself out in the meditation crystal garden. And as for the crystals in the medicine cabinet, they are always there to greet me when I go to floss my teeth!

by Ann Capatch 2012

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian

As Rainbow Obsidian, I throw soft colored rings out in layers.

I drop cloud like colors of energy circles around the body, either down from crown or up from feet or wherever I am placed.

Ideally place me above the head about 12” away and closely below feet. Allow the colored clouds to seek and penetrate where each color needs to settle.

Bands of blue and purple and green travel through your energy field feeding and balancing.

Holding me creates bracelets of light up the arms. My blue and green layers seek out the heart and throat chakras. Purples, violets, yellows and sometimes reds seek to help heal your chakras on the levels they are needed.

We carry the colors to your bones. The human bones need to be fortified.

We are relaxed, easy going and whimsical. Unlike Black Obsidian, we take the seriousness out of the deep, reflective penetration.

We are like multi vitamins to your soul – draw in the color you need.

I am not a 3rd eye stone, I am best for the lower chakras and the bands within.

A healing: 4 Rainbow Obsidian Skull beings send healing. They help to loosen and release an old shadow self into the light. Shell of the old self flies away, an old thought body, false beliefs.

Rainbow Obsidian Butterfly

We provides soft nurturing protection after a healing. Especially good for emotional release, we are comforting.

4 Rainbow Obsidian skulls hold hands around me and sing to me.

They have their own frequency of sound much like the light joyful singing of children.

Our vibration is more anchored than the rainbows in quartz. It is more solid.

If you call on us while falling sleep we will provide a soft blanketing of energy anchoring your body down while your spirit soars to explore the higher temples. This makes us a good bedroom stone.

Blessings and Light ~ WeAreCrystals

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazili
Lapis Lazuli Spheres

“I am Lapis Lazuli.

My predominant color is deep blue. My best placement is the on the third eye. The white and gold accents raise the blue frequency to an even higher level.

As my energy descends into the third eye it begins to infuse this chakra with color. The deep blue gently pushes the third eye open. It becomes more receptive. The information coming to light will purifies in the higher frequencies of blue, white and gold.

With my help the third eye can be strong yet flexible based on the inquiries of the seeker. My blue color calms the brain waves through to the back of the third eye. The white attracts information that rolls in like a mist. The golden pyrite activates, enlivens and energizes the life force energy coming in on the blue ray.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

As a stone in your pocket, I provide a calm maturity and a sense of confidence. My energy acts as a shield that calms, reflects and purifies.

Please don’t ingest me as an elixir. I am not for the stomach area. My energy slows digestion.

I would also love to be a show piece in your home. Blue is the predominant color that will gently radiate off of me. Walking by me is like being misted with my lovely blue color ray.

Lapis Lazuli Show Piece
Lapis Lazuli Show Piece

My gold pyrite flecks come off me like soft laser beams that are seeking to anchor onto something close. Walking through these beams gently fortifies the auric field.

My white coloring radiates in a fan like waves. You can put your other crystals near me that need to be energized and activated.

I love to be of service in your home or office especially where people can walk by me. Take me with you everywhere you go and even to the higher planes of meditation.”




Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz tumbled stones

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz.

Auralite 23 Skull

 “We are crystals of the heart.””         240_f_72418958_pbhaduuzguofj0sfxf9rfh2ioaiowaqb1

“Imagine a plain rock sitting in a sand drawing of concentric rings within the heart chakra. The area feels dry and barren with no Vital Life Force flowing through it. The Auralite 23 energy gently pushes the rock (block/constriction) along and allows it to transmute back to the light. Heart healing comes – the dry sand collapses into light. Space is then created in the heart chakra.                                                                                     

The green heart light ignites and begins to shine softly. White light sparks with the green creating a ring of white fire within the heart chakra. It anchors into one of the sublevels creating a ring of protection. A boundary of white light is created so that no lower frequencies may pass. A protective shield for the heart.

The white ring of fire burns at the heart level of the heart chakra.

(Note from the Scribe: Each chakra has 7 levels. Each level corresponds to each one of the other chakras).

“The heart level of the heart chakra becomes energetically elevated. This band becomes a high frequency shield protecting from any harsh energy projected from others. It also works on transmuting the veils that restrict love enabling one to receive others on a heart level.

The white bands on the Auralite 23 symbolize this ring of White Light/fire

auralite 23 - red tipped


We, as Auralite 23, are best used from the high heart on down.

We work well to purify the lower body. Creating a vessels that will hold greater light  elevates the consciousness of humanity.

We must teach the people this healing process.

The time has come for mankind to heal their state of intolerance – bringing forth a new dawn of human equality.

All of your species must also attain equality and tolerance of spiritual expression no matter how old (primitive) or tight (religion).

The Rose Quartz will help to do just that.

The goal is unity. The Rose Quartz will shine bright love and acceptance of all mankind.

We, the beings of Auralite 23, sit  in a triangle around the Rose Quartz.       

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

We direct our council through the Rose Quartz in this manner.

Rose Quartz has been elevated to a higher purpose. It needs to shine bright and radiate.

This can be set up as a healing grid around a person with the Rose Quartz held at the heart level.

This grid will also encourages one’s soul identity to shine.”



A Note from the scribe:

Auralite 23 can be purchased at Canada Rocks:

Their eBay page is:

Their website is:



Auralite 23


Auralite 23 skull face front   Auralite 23 skull left


Greetings beloved!

I Talk to you through one of your crystal skulls – my mask makes me your most interesting skull yet.

I am layers and I am depth. I am for going deep into your spiritual heart.

This beautiful amethyst from Canada shows diversity much like the country from which it was birthed.

Many shades of lilac, purple, red and green exaggerate my properties on many dimensions.

Auralite 23 Pillar            auralite/amagreen auralite 23 - red tipped


Know me layer by layer as you journey inward to your highest heart’s expression.

I attract both the god and the goddess, male and female in through the heart and manifest this balance of equilibrium on earth.

I balance both gentleness and strength, purity of heart and purpose and anchor it to the earth plane.

I speak to you of layers and divinity but I am also both gentle yet penetrating.

small auralite                        auralite-heart

Come to me and heal your heart and heal your higher heart’s purpose.

Come to me for relief from all that builds within.

Come to me to transmute all that weighs heavily on your heart.

Use me to meditate on hearts purpose, for grounding spiritual inspiration, to honor your heart walk.

I dream big for mankind.

That they walk the path of love.

Higher love to all – so many types of expression of the divine here on your planet.

Such diversity does not exist on other planets. The expression of the Creator is simpler.

Beyond earth conscious beings do not walk with so many diversities of expression: animal, mineral, vegetable.

Although I walk with my crystalline brothers in the stars, I walk primarily for the earth to manage and balance diversification promoting harmony amongst the many species.

Come to me with your challenges of acceptance: gender, race, enlightened and for those whose consciousness is sleeping. Help me to shed my light amongst you all to soften the jagged edges of intolerance and prejudices.

I will be the evener and the harmonizer.

Blessed Be



A Note from the scribe:

Auralite 23 can be purchased at Canada Rocks:

Their eBay page is:

Their website is:

Rose Quartz

A pink beam drops down a pillar of rose quartz….Rose Quartz

“Greetings dear one

Thank you for welcoming the energy of us – Rose Quartz

We will fill your heart with joy

We embrace all life with our soft and gentle energy.

As galactic portals open up to receive us and radiate our transmission we find you and rejoice in our union. Our support flavors our mission. Mankind’s template of self-love has been broken. Time for the receiving of self-honor and appreciation for each unique soul by each unique soul.

We all have a mission dear one. Ours is to support the transition from mankind’s mental focus to heart focus. Let us help you open up to love of self and others.

We sit with you quietly. Our aura of energy embraces your energy field with such soft love and support.

 We fill up your heart chakra with slow swells of love. We gently push and nudge the lower frequencies of self-hate and condemnation to the surface to be released. We heal from the inside out.

It is time for a change. You too must stand like a pillar of self-acceptance and positive high regard for self.

You are a perfect ever rising frequency of the Creator. Allow our energy to fill your aura to radiate peace. Help acknowledge the beauty in others so that they too can heal and find love for their being and purpose. Do it well and kindly.

Babies find comfort in our radiations, angels too, for the energy is soft.

We come to work on you while you sleep with soft embrace and peaceful changes.

Stand tall in the love of self.