Danburite is one of the higher frequency crystals that attracts spiritual support from Light Beings. Its vibration is powerful yet gentle. This crystal helps us to release karma, to dislodge old programming and helps us move on from the past. A Heart Chakra crystal, Danburite moves us to a state of forgiveness helping us to accept and resolve issues. It releases others from our grudges and therefore releases us from being tied to past situations.
We can raise our spiritual confidence when we work with Danburite. It encourages to claim our right to take the time to explore our spirituality and accept the gifts that come from healing and clearing our past.



Celestite’s peaceful, gentle and angelic qualities make it the perfect stone for the bedroom. It is meditative, receptive and promotes tranquility.
Celestite works to help us receive from the realms of the Divine and have greater trust in the Divine. This may come in the forms of peace, love, wisdom. This crystal fills you from within easing neediness and wanting.
It is a great healer from the throat chakras on up. It helps to gently open your upper chakras and heals the throat chakra to better express your truths.


One of Peridot’s gifts is to help you with self-forgiveness. Its healing energy helps you to accept that you are doing the best you can with what you have. Peridot helps you have compassion for your weaknesses, mistakes and maybe even some of your karma. The beauty of self-forgiveness is that it allows you to be in the present moment, no longer lingering in the past but standing firmly in the present with knowledge and awareness.
Its olive color combines green with some yellow making it a good crystal to work on clearing your solar plexus (self-esteem and personal power) to your heart (love). Acting from the heart with love.
Peridot is a protective stone. Part of its protectiveness comes from helping you release that which is in your energy field that attracts negativity. Here again it is helping you act with compassion only this time towards the projector of negative energy but in a detached manner.
Peridot is also about increase. It helps you attract more of what you focus on: abundance, healing and manifesting your hearts desires.


Citrine is a solar plexus powerhouse. It helps you release old programming of competition in your solar plexus helping you be more in the spirit of co-operation due to raised self-worth and self-esteem. Its energy is very healing for digestion and elimination in all forms and on all levels.

Citrine was once amethyst that has been exposed to radiation turning it yellow. Whether that radiation comes from within the earth (over millions of years) or by above earth treatments Citrine does not lose its strength or impact.

It is also known as the stone of the sun. Citrine’s brightness and radiance blocks and disperses negativity and in turn attracts abundance. It never needs energetic cleansing just keep it dust free so its brilliance can shine.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian

As Rainbow Obsidian, I throw soft colored rings out in layers.

I drop cloud like colors of energy circles around the body, either down from crown or up from feet or wherever I am placed.

Ideally place me above the head about 12” away and closely below feet. Allow the colored clouds to seek and penetrate where each color needs to settle.

Bands of blue and purple and green travel through your energy field feeding and balancing.

Holding me creates bracelets of light up the arms. My blue and green layers seek out the heart and throat chakras. Purples, violets, yellows and sometimes reds seek to help heal your chakras on the levels they are needed.

We carry the colors to your bones. The human bones need to be fortified.

We are relaxed, easy going and whimsical. Unlike Black Obsidian, we take the seriousness out of the deep, reflective penetration.

We are like multi vitamins to your soul – draw in the color you need.

I am not a 3rd eye stone, I am best for the lower chakras and the bands within.

A healing: 4 Rainbow Obsidian Skull beings send healing. They help to loosen and release an old shadow self into the light. Shell of the old self flies away, an old thought body, false beliefs.

Rainbow Obsidian Butterfly

We provides soft nurturing protection after a healing. Especially good for emotional release, we are comforting.

4 Rainbow Obsidian skulls hold hands around me and sing to me.

They have their own frequency of sound much like the light joyful singing of children.

Our vibration is more anchored than the rainbows in quartz. It is more solid.

If you call on us while falling sleep we will provide a soft blanketing of energy anchoring your body down while your spirit soars to explore the higher temples. This makes us a good bedroom stone.

Blessings and Light ~ WeAreCrystals

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz tumbled stones

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz.

Auralite 23 Skull

 “We are crystals of the heart.””         240_f_72418958_pbhaduuzguofj0sfxf9rfh2ioaiowaqb1

“Imagine a plain rock sitting in a sand drawing of concentric rings within the heart chakra. The area feels dry and barren with no Vital Life Force flowing through it. The Auralite 23 energy gently pushes the rock (block/constriction) along and allows it to transmute back to the light. Heart healing comes – the dry sand collapses into light. Space is then created in the heart chakra.                                                                                     

The green heart light ignites and begins to shine softly. White light sparks with the green creating a ring of white fire within the heart chakra. It anchors into one of the sublevels creating a ring of protection. A boundary of white light is created so that no lower frequencies may pass. A protective shield for the heart.

The white ring of fire burns at the heart level of the heart chakra.

(Note from the Scribe: Each chakra has 7 levels. Each level corresponds to each one of the other chakras).

“The heart level of the heart chakra becomes energetically elevated. This band becomes a high frequency shield protecting from any harsh energy projected from others. It also works on transmuting the veils that restrict love enabling one to receive others on a heart level.

The white bands on the Auralite 23 symbolize this ring of White Light/fire

auralite 23 - red tipped


We, as Auralite 23, are best used from the high heart on down.

We work well to purify the lower body. Creating a vessels that will hold greater light  elevates the consciousness of humanity.

We must teach the people this healing process.

The time has come for mankind to heal their state of intolerance – bringing forth a new dawn of human equality.

All of your species must also attain equality and tolerance of spiritual expression no matter how old (primitive) or tight (religion).

The Rose Quartz will help to do just that.

The goal is unity. The Rose Quartz will shine bright love and acceptance of all mankind.

We, the beings of Auralite 23, sit  in a triangle around the Rose Quartz.       

Auralite 23 and Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

We direct our council through the Rose Quartz in this manner.

Rose Quartz has been elevated to a higher purpose. It needs to shine bright and radiate.

This can be set up as a healing grid around a person with the Rose Quartz held at the heart level.

This grid will also encourages one’s soul identity to shine.”



A Note from the scribe:

Auralite 23 can be purchased at Canada Rocks:

Their eBay page is: http://stores.ebay.com/canada-rocks3852?_rdc=1

Their website is: www.auralite23amethyst.com