Crystals for Protection

There are many negative influences in our daily life or environment. They can be diverted away from us with the help of our crystal friends.

If you need protection from:

Electromagnetic influences from cell phones, computers, TVs, air conditioners etc: neutralize these influences with Black Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Fluorite, Amazonite, Lepidolite or Shungite. Place them in front of your TV, computer, air conditioner or tape a tiny piece to your cell phone.

General negative energy: Turquoise or Malachite – clear often.

Geopathic stress and other earthly energy drains: Smokey Quartz place under your bed, couch desk or by your feet where you spend a lot of time.

Intrusive or disruptive energies: Rose Quartz will replace those energies with calm loving ones.

Need to create a safe, peaceful, sacred space: Selenite towers or lamps are attractive additions to any room or place a small piece in each corner.

Other people’s thoughts and feelings: Labradorite will help you separate and remain objective. Nice on a desk or work space or as a necklace.

People that do not wish you well: black tourmaline will protect you from this energy by wearing it or carrying with you.

Protect your energy field: Amber or Bloodstone will deflect lower frequencies if you wear them or carry them with you.


The Best Crystals to Have in a Baby’s Bedroom

Celestite: gently radiates a peaceful energy and encourages angelic contact and protection.

Charoite: ensures a deep sleep

Moonstone: always good for insomnia, prevents sleep walking

Rose Quartz: peaceful, calming and reassuring energy

Selenite (white or peach): has a quieting energy, calming and peaceful. Create a ‘peace grid’ by placing selenite in all four corners of a room.

Having a Baby? Top 10 Crystals to help you on this special journey.

Amber: absorbs pain during childbirth.

Carnelian: overall supporter of female reproductive organs. Use medical tape and tape over abdomen.

Jade: assists in childbirth.

Jasper: known as the supreme nurturer, very supportive during times of stress, helps you feel more peaceful.

Lapis Lazuli: helps to alleviate pain, also very good crystal for psychic protection during birth for you and the baby.

Malachite: has a strong drawing type of energy therefore facilitates childbirth, known as ‘the midwife stone’ stone it resonates well with the female reproductive organs.

Moonstone: the stone of ‘new beginnings’, helps support the reproductive system, excellent for childbirth and breastfeeding.

Moss Agate: known as a birthing crystal, it lessens pain and ensures a good delivery, helps midwives, another stone of new beginnings.

Peridot: known to strengthen muscle contractions while lessening the pain of childbirth, place on your belly when going into labor.

Unakite: good for a healthy pregnancy, helps reproductive tissues recover after giving birth, tape to belly.

Enjoy your journey!

Stay tuned for the best crystals to have in your baby’s bedroom.