“How often should I get a reading?”

For basic insights every 6 months.

After a card reading you may book your next session for the following week for a spiritual reading.

“What is the difference between a card reading and a spiritual reading?”

Card readings deal with daily life on earth. They are more practical and predictive and need time to play out.

Spiritual readings encompass your energy field and the energetic or spiritual world all around you. They can be predictive but are generally more informative. Spiritual readings can cover a variety of topics and can be done more frequently.

How do I book a reading?”

All readings are done by pre-booked sessions only – you can reach Ann at:
evolving-spirit to set up your reading time.

All card and spiritual readings are $80.00 per hour (US funds only).

Seeker to supply own method of recording.

“How does a distance reading work?”

It does not make a difference as to where you are located in the world or whether the person in question is present on earth or in the spirit realms. Ann is able to connect with their energy, spirit, higher self or guides. You can ask any questions and she will provide intuitive council as she channels that which is being shared by Beings of Light. For practical matters the antique playing deck she uses has been proven accurate time and time again.

“How does an Animal Communication reading work?

With a picture of your pet Ann can connect to the animal energetically. Communications are received telepathically often through projected pictures or feelings. Their thoughts and wishes can be revealed to you. Ann acts as a telepathic bridge between you and your pet and can work with any type of animal so long as they are willing to communicate. They can be alive or in spirit. Either bring or emil a picture of the animal along with their name, age and gender and any questions you may have. You will receive an email within 5 business days after receipt of your paypal payment. You may pay by cash or check if the reading is done in person.