“What an uplifting session”          S. D.  Sedona, AZ

Everything she said came true and in the exact order she told me it would”                                                L.W.   ONT, Canada   

 I had the pleasure of getting a reading done.  It was very accurate. Most of my questions were answered, some were to be found out in the future.  As time went by, the reading came to be a reality.  I was very impressed with what was said. I would strongly recommend Ann for those who want some answers and clarity in their lives.”                                                     C. B. Canada

“Over the years, I have had numerous readings with Ann. She continues to amaze me each time with how accurate she is. The one that sticks out most in my mind was when I had asked her to connect with one young man who had died after a tragic accident. I needed to know he was ok. She described him to a tee without ever knowing him or seeing a picture of him. This connection brought great comfort to the family who lost him.”                                                                                                                                                   Name withheld, Canada

 “Ann has brought much relief to all of us that need to communicate with those that have passed.”

“As pet sitter and animal lover I have used Ann for distance readings with dogs. One was a reading for Mutzy who was getting old and her owner was in distress not knowing what to do or if it was time to send her to dog heaven. Ann tapped into Mutzy’s spirit right away and Mutzy let her know that it was indeed time. Mutzy let her owner know how much she loved her but she needed be free to run and play and not be in pain. I passed the information on to my friend and with relief truly knowing it was the right thing to do. My friend took Mutzy in that afternoon and Mutzy was freed to dog heaven.

Another reading was for Reddy. Reddy drowned falling through the ice. It was awful for his owner and his family.  I needed to know Reddy was ok because I dog sat for him all his life. Ann tapped in to Reddy’s spirit and I knew by what she was sharing that it was Reddy. Ann told me that Reddy is doing well being the meet and greet dog in Heaven and he really likes the socializing. That sounded just like him. She went on to tell me that Rudy had a great life and to let his parents know that he would see them again but that they might not know it was him. He thinks he might come back as Dalmatian because he really likes to run.”    H.M. Canada

“I admire and am thankful for her amazing ability to tune into specific beings of Light and transmit information. It has taken me into unexpected territory – an inspiring journey into Spirit, Soul history and how better to connect to my purpose. I was left with a rededication to inner growth.”                                                                                                                                            L.F.  L.F. Sedona, AZ